Why switch to organic cosmetics?

Some of the ingredients used in traditional cosmetics are harmful to the skin and health and can cause more or less negative effects later on. Organic skincare products have become a must-have in one's beauty kit, as they are healthier and more environmentally friendly.

Organic cosmetics: more respectful of the skin and the planet

Organic cosmetics are usually certified. Therefore, they must meet very strict standards. Indeed, the use of petrochemical ingredients is prohibited. These may include silicones and parabens. On the other hand, they must be replaced by components of natural origin and from organic farming. They are less aggressive and are not harmful to the skin and health. However, some synthetic substances are permitted in quantities of less than 5%. In addition, the products used are biodegradable. This reduces the ecological impact.

Organic products: available in a wide range

Organic cosmetics contain at least 95% of ingredients of natural origin and 20% of the components are organically grown. The formulas have been improved to obtain soft, creamy and light textures. The fragrances are reminiscent of lush nature. For example, you can choose exotic, fresh, sweet notes... In short, you will certainly find a care product that meets your expectations in the available ranges. The offer is also varied: shower gel, moisturizer, make-up, shampoo, anti-wrinkle cream... And contrary to popular belief, organic cosmetics are currently more and more affordable. Indeed, the well-known specialized laboratories offer very good quality care products at very attractive prices.

Organic skincare: effective and suitable for all skin types

Of course, with organic cosmetics, you have to wait longer to appreciate the results. This is not the case with conventional cosmetics. However, this solution is very effective in the long term and the results are long-lasting. Also, these products are suitable for all skin types. For dry skin, cosmetics based on vegetable butters, vegetable oils and floral waters are to be opted for, as they are rich in fatty acids, which are essential for restoring the hydrolipidic barrier. In the case of combination skin, the balance between the zones must be restored. Ideally, cleanse the face with milk water before applying a makeup remover gel. At the end, apply a non-comedogenic cream or serum.

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