3 looks for men’s trendy outfit

Every year, fashion follows the course of novelties, but also of retroactivity, like a vicious circle. Indeed, some outfits take on improvements…

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Women’s coat: how to wear it with style?

Choosing a woman’s coat is not a simple matter. This piece can be adopted regardless of the season. It must be said…

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3 most stylish looks spotted in “Sex Education”

In an age where teenage sexuality is often exploited, distorted, glamorized and exaggerated by television, Sex Education acts as a breath of…

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What is the glam rock look?

The glam rock look is a true reflection of the rock ‘n’ roll attitude. Its watchword is to remain continuously chic. You…

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Tips for buying your first haute couture bag

If you’re a fashion addict, a luxury bag may be on the list of your favorite purses. Buying your first high fashion…

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What is an H shape?

It’s not always easy to dress for your body type. After all, the goal is to find the right clothes that you…

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