Why should you wash your clothes at 30°C?

Linen is one of the most important elements of a man's life. Therefore, it is essential that clothes are washed properly, whether you leave home or not.  However, why should you wash your clothes at a certain temperature?

Washing clothes once they are dirty

In daily life, dressing in dirty clothes is not a good thing, you will certainly not feel comfortable. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you wash your clothes often enough. Of course, this allows you to dress healthily, because washing eliminates microbes. In addition, it removes stains and body odor. However, nowadays, to make your work easier, you can wash your clothes using a washing machine. Of course, for this, the water temperature can be changed. So why does it have to be 30°C?

Good reasons to wash your clothes at a temperature of 30°C

The temperature of 30°C is indeed the ideal temperature for you to wash your laundry properly. First of all, it allows you to wash your clothes quickly enough, i.e., you don't have to sort them out anymore because it's the perfect temperature so that the color doesn't bleed. However, you should not mix solid white with red or black. Furthermore, opting for 30°C is both environmentally friendly and economical. This is because less energy is consumed and the washing machine does not clog up quickly and then doesn’t break down. Another considerable advantage of this temperature is that your clothes do not get damaged, as the fibers are less worn, which means that the clothes are more resistant and retain their color for longer.

How many times should I wear my clothes before washing them?

Doing laundry is one of the household chores in a house. However, the frequency with which you wash your clothes depends on the quality of the fabric. First of all, if it is your underwear, it is directly after wearing it, that it should be washed. For jackets, sweaters and jeans, wash them after 5 or 6 times of use. For a cotton-based garment, it can be washed after you have worn it 3 times. However, sportswear should be washed immediately after use. However, to avoid frequent washing, you should air out your wardrobe so that odors can fade.

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