Why are Jordan sneakers becoming a financial investment?

Published on : 26 October 20212 min reading time
Sneakers are basically a pair of shoes for sportsmen. However, today it is rarely used for its main purpose. The sneakers manufactured nowadays are used for the comfort and style they offer. Recently, sneakers have been even used as an investment.

The rise of fashion sneakers

Previously, sneakers were reserved for sports use. However, with time, this use has been diverted and although many sneakers manufactured today are still effective in sports, they are mostly used for the aesthetics and comfort they offer. Since the use of sneakers has been hijacked, its market is starting to attract different investors and the selling platforms are even working as real exchanges. These selling platforms are constantly multiplying and several countries have already established resale platforms. There is for example Larry Deadstock in France, StockX in the United States and Poizon in China to name but a few.

Invest in sneakers

The same codes that apply to purses also apply to sneakers. Prices depend on the size, supply, demand and rarity of the pair of shoes. However, the most sought-after and best-selling brands are often the rarest brands or those from different collaborations. Some sneakers are even sold at auction at exorbitant prices. Indeed, Air Jordan 1 sneakers in collaboration with Travis Scott are bought at the beginning by collectors at 250 euros, these same pairs are then resold in the various dedicated platforms at a price that can reach 900 euros. Nike Jordan’s have also been in collaboration with the brand Dior and the prices could reach 2000 euros in first hand. These prices can triple or even quadruple on resale platforms.


It is obvious, after all this, that the sneaker market also attracts counterfeiters. As a result, several counterfeits are also made in the market. In order to avoid buying counterfeits, it is important to know as much as possible about the sneakers in fashion. The box, the sole, the logo, the label and even the sole are all criteria to check before investing in a pair. Resale platforms like StockX or Poizon have professionals whose job is to inspect the authenticity of pairs of sneakers.

Counterfeits are rare on these platforms, but they are not non-existent. It is therefore important to have the necessary skills before investing in a pair of expensive sneakers.

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