What is the glam rock look?

The glam rock look is a true reflection of the rock 'n' roll attitude. Its watchword is to remain continuously chic. You simply have to match a rock outfit with a classic, feminine one. The glam rock look is therefore the result of this mix of genres. But to stay chic, you have to respect certain details.

What is the glam rock look?

Glam rock, also known as glitter rock, is a genre of rock music that spread in the UK in the 1970s. The glam rock look is mainly defined by a return to simple rock 'n' roll as well as the search for a provocative and exaggerated look. The basis of a glam rock look is the "skinny jean" as it gives a perfect result when combined with a black rock printed tee-shirt. To be more feminine, the slim jeans can be combined with a white or flashy blouse. For the big occasions, reserve the miniskirts or the mini dresses in black leather. Also, for the glamour to be really perceptible in the look; the shoes occupy an important place. Prefer spartan shoes and ballerinas when spring arrives. Go for silver or gold colors. If you really want to have an elegant image; wear wedge sandals.

Some details to keep in mind!

To be chic in a glam rock look, avoid black lipstick. Black lipstick is better suited to the gothic look. Go for bright, vibrant colors on your lips. The same goes for the nails, they must be impeccable and well colored in red. Use dark and black eye shadow in moderation to avoid smoky eyes. As for the hairstyle, go for a tousled and practical look. You can also match your outfit with colorful or bright pins on your hair.

Fashion accessories!

The glam rock look is easy to pull off without even going goth, as you can wear a studded handbag and a skull necklace. This style is complemented by accessories such as earrings and bracelets with rock motifs. But don't overdo it. The goal is to bring out a glamorous look. For example: simply enhance the look with a leopard print headband or scarf. It's important to know that you're keeping up with what's new, because the glam rock look evolves with the times and trends.

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