Tips for buying your first haute couture bag

Published on : 26 October 20213 min reading time
If you’re a fashion addict, a luxury bag may be on the list of your favorite purses. Buying your first high fashion bag is not always easy. Models, brands and sizes vary on the market. Your budget is also a criterion not to be neglected. For these reasons, tips from professionals are offered in this guide.

The first step: Define your budget

A luxury bag is worth spending more money on. If you’ve been saving money, now might be a good time to spend it on a trendy bag. You should know that prices vary depending on the type of bag and its brand. The more recognized the high fashion brands are, the more expensive the bags are. In this case, you need to set a firm budget and define the actual amounts to spend. It is often said that the most expensive haute-couture bags will not wear out for years.

The second step: choosing the right brand

This step is not negligible since among the hundreds of brands available, there is one that is more durable; there is one that is not. To rely on this durability, you have to choose the materials of a high fashion bag well. Here are some international brands for inspiration: Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermès. These are popular and highly prized brands. You can find them in stores, boutiques or on the luxury second-hand market.

The third step: choosing the model

In order to choose the right model, you need to consider these three essential criteria. The first element is the size of the bag. Before buying a bag, think about your wardrobe or think about the outfit you want to wear with it. Secondly, the maintenance conditions. How long does it take to clean? And the third thing is to think about the occasions for which you will wear your bag. For example, if you like to go out in the evening, a clutch will be more elegant.

Above all, there is one criterion to take into account: finding a second-hand luxury haute couture bag. Sometimes it’s a second-hand bag, but it’s still top notch. This way, you will come across models that you can no longer find in the shop. Without saying as much about the lowered price while the quality is preserved.

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