How to stand out with a chic and urban look?

In general, a person is said to be elegant and very stylish when he or she wears clothes that stand out from the crowd. In other words, people who wear suits with ties or classic uniforms are not always considered stylish. However, there are different urban looks that you can put on with the evolution of fashion. In fact, it is best to follow the trend to stand out from the crowd when you walk down the street.

Wear loose pants with a shirt!

Wide pants are very special compared to other women's clothing. Moreover, you can wear them to any event. In other words, they are very simple, yet they give very satisfying looks. Not to mention that with these pants, you can find clothes that go with them more easily. Besides, you can put them on with a nice shirt, for example. These can be plaid shirts. In addition, you can also choose something light if you want to look a little sexy. However, with these outfits, you will stand out from other people. For more information, click on

Get a dress and shoes to match!

The dress is also a feminine garment and falls into the category of "street style clothing". However, wearing it is a way to differentiate yourself from others. Moreover, the various stores offer you several choices with different types. For example, it can be in solid colors. However, there is one thing that you should not take lightly to ensure your elegance. Specifically, your choice should be made according to your height and body shape. In addition, this look would be very chic if you accompany it with a classic sneaker or other shoes of the same type.

Wear a t-shirt or jacket with jeans!

The t-shirt falls into the category of urban looks. It is a very elegant outfit, but it is better to choose well the other clothes you are going to put with. For instance, you can choose a jacket to show your elegance. Indeed, to stand out in the street, it is better to choose this garment with other looks that will cover your shoulders. Thus, to feminize your outfit, you can put on a pair of jeans. TheĀ  latter can be of the destroy type, which is very fashionable and can be catchy. You also have the option to consider jeans with a slim leather structure.

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