How to keep the color of black clothes?

Seeing a garment fade is always unpleasant. This natural deterioration usually occurs as a result of excessive washing. By adopting a few techniques, preserving the color of black clothes for longer is possible. To do this, you will need to use certain products that you will certainly find in your kitchen such as white vinegar, coffee or salt.

Use white vinegar to preserve the color of black clothes

Among the most effective grandma's tricks to preserve the color of black clothes, white vinegar is the most recommended product. It allows at the same time to revive the black color of your clothes and to remove the scale present inside your washing machine. The technique consists in introducing the linen in the machine, to pour a mixture of white vinegar and usual detergent before launching the washing machine. You can also plunge the black clothes inside a basin of cold water containing three tablespoons of white vinegar. Leave for half an hour before rinsing.

Coffee, an effective product

Black clothes tend to fade after frequent washing. To preserve the intensity of the black color for a longer period of time, the winning solution is also coffee. All you have to do is prepare a little coffee and use it to clean your clothes. To remove any coffee odors that may remain on the clothes, you will have to rinse them well. With this technique, your black clothes will be able to keep their shine, even after successive washings.

Salt, pepper or baking soda to keep the colors

Salt is an excellent alternative for keeping the colors of new clothes, especially for keeping the color of black clothes. Simply immerse new clothes at the beginning of the cycle in a water solution containing half a glass of salt. This will help to fix the colors, especially during the first wash. Besides salt, pepper is not only used to season your dishes. It also helps to keep the intensity of the colors, especially black. In the washing machine, black pepper should be added at the beginning of the cycle. During the wash, the salt and/or pepper will have an effect. The colors can then be revived. For stained clothes, baking soda is the solution to remove stains.

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