How to choose the size of your bra?

According to statistics, 70 to 80% of women do not wear the right bra size. Over the years, a woman's body changes and so do her breasts. Yet many women have been wearing the same bra size for years. It is therefore important to take measurements regularly and to know your exact size for optimal use of the bra that will support your breasts correctly.

Breast measurements to know the size of your bra

Before choosing the size of your bra, you must first take your chest measurements. To do this, you will need a tape measure. Your chest and back measurements should then be taken. To ensure the accuracy of the measurements, it is very important to stand up straight. Also, the measurements should be taken after you have removed everything from your body. The size of a bra is represented by a number that is a multiple of 5, from 80 to 115 and a letter from A to K. The number represents the size of your bra and the letter represents the cup depth.

Calculation of the cup depth

The cup size is the difference between the chest size and the back size. If you have a bust size of 90 cm and a back size of 77 cm. The difference is 13 cm, which corresponds to the A cup. In general, this difference should be in the odd numbers between 13 cm and 33 cm, which refers to the letters A to K respectively. A person with a cup size A has a small chest. A person with a cup size K, on the other hand, has a large chest.

How to choose the size of your bra then?

To choose the size of a bra, you will need to know the size of your back and the size of your cup. If you have a back size of 63 to 67 cm for example, your bra sizeĀ  is 80. For a back size of 68 to 72 cm, the bra size is 85. 90 for a back size of 73 to 77 cm. You will notice that after every 4 cm of back circumference, the bra size increases by 5 measurements. If your back is 65 cm and your chest is 90 cm, for example, your bra size will be 80 G.

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