How can you get a fashion week look for less?

Fashion week is an event that takes place twice a year. It is an opportunity for the biggest names in fashion to present their next collection and for celebrities to be in the front row of the catwalk. Fashion week is usually held in the major fashion capitals: Paris, New York, London and Milan.

Make your outfits more sophisticated

There's no need to invest in a garment that costs €300 when you can get a similar piece for 30 times less. However, some pieces can look "cheap" for one reason or another. To avoid this, check the following points. If your clothes don't fit, consider getting them trimmed. Often a little pinprick here or there can make all the difference. Then invest in small details (replace zippers and buttons) and in timeless pieces. Finally, think long term. To do this, always buy pieces that look new, don't wash your clothes with wear and tear, avoid "destroy" clothes and prefer the steam iron to the iron.

Stick to the classics

Fashion often gives the impression that it never stops evolving. This is not always the case. On the contrary, fashion seems to form an endless cycle. What was trendy yesterday may be out of fashion today and back next week. Fashion has been defined by periods that always end up making a comeback. If anything remains, it is the so-called classic pieces. The important thing is to always have these pieces in your wardrobe (black pumps, white shirt, black jacket, etc.) while staying on top of the latest trends. By combining the classic with the new trendy pieces, you are sure to be a hit on the street. There are also less classic pieces hidden in your wardrobe. It's perfectly possible to pull them out to accessorize a classic outfit.

Pay a visit to vintage stores and thrift shops

What makes the looks seen fashionable on the street is often the perfect mix between the trendy, the classic and the little something that defines the wearer. This little something is often an "alien" and unexpected piece. Fashion rewards courage and boldness. You shouldn't be afraid to mix genres, styles and textures. This kind of piece is not easily found. It may be an accessory that belonged to grandparents, a piece found on a trip, at a flea market or at a yard sale. Another alternative is to visit vintage stores and thrift shops. It's an exercise that requires patience and endurance, but it's well worth it.

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