Fashion: what color earrings to wear when you are a brunette?

Published on : 26 October 20212 min reading time
It may be possible that you don’t know this, but when you want to buy yourself earrings, you also need to know the shape of your face, as well as the texture and flow of your hair.

Know the color of your earrings according to your skin tone

When talking in regards to the world of beauty, there are a few constituents that you need to consider, namely your skin color and hair color, as well as the length of your hair. When you are a brunette, making the right choice of your earrings is really important, as you are bound to struggle with the dark brown color earrings.

For this, you should put your choice on beige color, for example, but pastels remain an excellent choice of color. Delicate pink, sky blue and cream are some of the shades that will look great from your ears.

What hair color matches your earrings?

Platinum, gold or also gold-plated earrings will look great regardless of your hair dye. They can feature beautiful diamonds or be all metal. You should not choose the white colored earrings, if you have blonde hair. For a pair of ruby or sapphire earrings to be gorgeous, you must have a contrasting color. Finally, redheads should avoid very warm dyes like hot pink, red or orange. Greens and blues, as well as turquoise, will complement your hair color exactly and will still be vibrant.

Knowing the right hair length for your earrings

Short hair means more freedom when it comes to earrings, even if you love your long wavy hair. You have the power to wear any type of earrings, with short hair, and still look mythical. For a contrasting and sophisticated look, choose chandelier earrings that can better combine with shorter hair. You should avoid small hoops or studs, as far as slightly longer hair is concerned, because they will hide it. To highlight your long hair, you should put your choice on large gold hoops earrings and linear earrings.

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