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Women’s fashion in Paris is constantly evolving. During fashion week, all the fashion houses offer their collections. Find the latest women’s fashion trends to follow for this season and stay up to date on all the practical tips to adapt the look of the moment to your personality.

What style of fashion do you belong to?

It’s always interesting to know what style of clothing you’re into. Being familiar with the characteristics of your style helps you to find ideas for adopting it.

Classic look revisited

The chic look with jackets, blouses and handbags remains timeless.

Casual style

Stay comfortable in your body with the cool look: Jeans, T-shirts, sneakers, glasses…

Streetwear, rather sporty chic

For those who prefer sporty outfits: leggings, shorts or knitted pants.

Fashion & Lifestyle Concept Store

The fashion & lifestyle concept store is the ideal place to find luxury and rare women’s clothing. At IRO Collection, you’re bound to find something to suit your feet.

The concept store not only sells clothes but also the fashion accessories that enhance them.

Fashion & Lifestyle Concept Store

Fashion for everyone

Fashion is not only reserved for women with a model’s morphology. Small, tall, thin, round, men, women, fashion is for everyone!

Fashion for men

Fashion for men

Find the latest fashion trends for men: trousers, belts…

100% feminine fashion

100% feminine fashion

Find ideas for outfits to wear this season: chic look, glamour look…

Accessories & jewelry: tips for choosing them well

You’ve finally found the perfect outfit for your figure. However, a single accessory, too many, or a piece of jewelry that doesn’t go with the rest and your look is ruined! Remember that a luxury watch never goes with a fancy ring, and belts can’t be worn without a bag or shoes.

How to be beautiful and stylish

How to be beautiful and stylish?

The outfit alone is not enough to bring out the beauty and personality of a person. You also have to pay special attention to your make-up.

Which hairstyle goes with my outfit?
The hairstyle must always be chosen according to the outfit, the occasion and the person's morphology.